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DDJ-SB3 gold model, DDJ-SB3-N released in early October

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Pioneer DJ Corporation will release ” DDJ-SB3-N ” , a gold model of “DDJ-SB3” dedicated controller for Serato DJ Lite in early October.

The base model “ DDJ-SB3 ” is a DJ controller supported by a wide range of DJs, with high portability and intuitive operability. Furthermore, with the joint development with hip-hop world master DJ Jazzy Jeff, the “PAD SCRATCH” function that makes it possible to reproduce scratch operations, and the “FX FADE” function that makes mixing between songs easy and smooth, Even beginners can enjoy a full-fledged performance.

The DDJ-SB3-N, which will be released this time, uses a high-quality gold jog and gold panel printing as accents on the black main panel, giving it a gorgeous design that can appeal to individuality.

* “DDJ-SB3” is compatible with “Serato DJ Lite” provided by Serato Limited (hereinafter Serato) and can be used immediately. “Serato DJ Lite” can be downloaded free of charge .


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