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Play Music, Rock the Crowd.

South Florida DJ Association presents the Ultimate DJ Showcase in Miami, FL.

The Sam Session DJ showcases are organized by the South Florida DJ Association Admins (one of numerous benefits associated with membership).

The DJ Sessions are organized every 2 or 3 weeks at Sam Ash in Dolphin Mall & Sam Ash Miami Lakes stores. The Sessions spotlight the DJs and the Artist who perform getting recognition and exposure. The purpose is to expose New and Local talent such as young DJs, Dancers, MCs and Internet Radio stations. The Session is “blocked” in 20 minutes sets where the performer may express himself in what ever genre he / she chooses. Professional photographers and videographers are usually on hand to capture High Quality images of the event that can be used by any of the participants for future use.

Please take a look at our past Sam Session events

10557357744_6ff2b513b6_oSam Ash offers a state of the art sound and light system on a concert quality stage complete with video screens. They also provide the participants with their gear of choice. There are no Competitive elements to the performance and the individual can feel at ease , while experiencing the thrill of a live performance before an actual audience. A Sam session is truly an exhilarating rush for the Novice as well as the veterans.

The Sessions are all about the DJ and the Artist being in the spotlight and all ears and eyes are on the performer and everyone is paying attention to the them revealing their moves and originality.

We help promote the DJs & Artist, so if someone was looking to hire a DJ for an event or club they can sample them at the DJ Showcase. It’s a good feeling to see the DJs on stage doing what they love to do and watch the crowd become amazed at what they are revealing.

We normally have 5-6 DJs performing different styles of music. They each take turns and perform in front of the crowd for 20 minutes set. The Artists perform a minimum of 2 songs.

This is not a DJ battle, everyone gets an applause from the crowd.


2014 Powered By South Florida DJ Association