Welcome to the South Florida DJ Association "DJ 101" Page. This page was created For Beginning DJs. If you're thinking of becoming a DJ, you've come to the right place, with all the information that you'll ever need to get you started as a DJ. All the information provided on this website was made possible by the experienced DJ members of the South Florida DJ Association.

DJ 101

Karaoke Version

KARAOKE VERSION Karaoke Version is the leading online backing tracks provider. Our store is comprised of more than 49,000 quality instrumentals and cover versions from all genres available in several formats: Instrumental version only Instr... Read more

The Dj Talk Show

DJ Tips

Power Conditioning Unit

First VERY IMPORTANT…get a quality power conditioner. All your equipment plugs into it and protects it far more than just a surge protector. Furthermore only one connector then goes out to plug into the wall. This is the one I use... Read more

DJ Gear

Cleaning Your DJ Gear

I hate fingerprints, I hated them on records and now I hate them on my Laptop,and my controller. in my opinion one of the most important things is the presentation of your gear. If you have been a resident at any nightclub you know first ha... Read more


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