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About Us

The South Florida DJ Association (SFDJA) is the voice of South Florida DJs. As a non-profit Association, we advance the interests of all DJ Professional and Music Industry individuals and enable them to enhance their profession by interacting with other DJs and local Artists. We provide the resources and the ability to connect with like-minded individuals in the DJ / Music Industry.

The South Florida DJ Association’s supports the DJ and Music Entertainment community with the intention of uniting the area’s DJs, Artists & Bands. A meeting place for South Florida Entertainers to exchange ideas, equipment, events and all things Music related. Discover new Artist and promote music.

Our Story

SFDJA was founded in 2013 to provide support to DJs, Artists and Vendors in the Music Business.

Welcome to the South Florida DJ Association (SFDJA), we are the intermediary to DJ knowledge, resources and networking With over 2,000 members in South Florida and 1,000 members in West Florida, we are the State’s largest DJ organizations. We are all about the DJs,  and we are committed to the Music Industry’s highest standards. In just a short period of time the SFDJA has seen its membership skyrocket with Djs, Artists and Vendors from the area.

With Chapters in Cape Coral, Texas, New York and France . Many local DJs and Artist who would regularly get no Air Play have embraced this group as an essential tool in their promotional strategy. DJ’s listen and critique music for the artist in real time. The group is also in the process of setting standards and practices for the local DJ community to ensure potential clients, that the DJ’s that they hire are of exceptionally high caliber. Many Resident DJ bring their marketing talents and DJ skills to the SFDJA as well as respected local DJs, who compliment the team’s well rounded knowledge of the local and International DJ scene. It is no surprise that in such a short time , the SFDJA has become a vocal and positive presence in the DJ Community and is extending their wealth of knowledge to beginners and veterans alike. Living up to their Motto ” We Are In Control”

Together we can ensure that the South Florida DJ Association (SFDJA®), has the support it will need to continue its commitment to promoting our vision in uniting all DJs to improve the DJ community.  Time, energy and creativity are all needed to ensure that our DJ entertainment business remains being an important part of each event for future generations to come.

Whether it’s sharing an Article from the Website, sharing your experience, giving advice, showcasing your talent at our Jam Sessions and increasing your membership commitment by participating in the Group Forum—we invite you to get involved. – See more at:

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  • Participate in the SFDJA Group Forum, Learn, give advice and showcase your talent
  • Connect and network with other local DJs
  • DJ Showcase Participation exposure at DJ Showcases Sessions
  • Announce your events on the fan page
  • Personal interaction with new Artists and Producers
  • Sam Ash DJ Gear discounts
  • Music Pool discounts
  • Vendor discounts
  • Radio exposure via Mix Shows
  • SFDJA Certificates
  • SFDJA Logos for your website and business cards
  • Reference Phone # 786 505 1352 (for personal references when your client requires it)
  • Eligible to participate in our DJ Showcase Jam Sessions
  • Sam Ash Discounts ( Ermes Sorrondo Manager DJ Dept )
  • Mix Shows ( ,,, All Hits Radio )
  • Access to Website / Social Media
  • You can Contribute articles on DJ related Topics Public Facebook Page
  • Professional Grade Photography (useful in your websites and other Social Media)
  • Network with other DJs ( where you can consult in real time with other professionals about music,equipment, posting of gigs)
  • Mario Extreme Electronics Equipment repair Discount ( All Major Brands )
  • Record Pool , Member Remixes (free for a Limited Time , Latin Music and member Remixes)
  • Flyers, Facebook Banners Membership Cards (Identifying you as a member to Vendors who will offer you Discounts )

We encourage all the DJ member to add the SFDJA logo on their websites, invoices, quotes, contracts, business cards, etc… ( We are to be used as a Professional Association but are not responsible for your actions outside of SFDJA sanctioned events.  You may not represent the SFDJA to any Client or Company without written permission from Alex Gutierrez. Document must be signed and approved by ALL above)

Affiliates: Are companies that help the SFDJA at events and meetings.Affiliates cannot be Dj nor DJ companies. DJs and DJ Companies are considered Members.

Participation in these events is for the BENEFIT of the DJ it is up to you to take advantage of these promotional opportunities that are open to All Members The South Florida DJ Association exists primarily for DJs to Network and know each other . we promote face to face contact when possible. Those unable to attend meetings or DJ Showcases can still be considered active members by participation in the Facebook group. ( Please read Rules of Participation)

Note: Posting a Mix , Flyer or advertisement in the group page is not considered participation.

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