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Let’s face it, continuously staying up with new and fresh DJ / Music News isn’t an easy task. Maybe you don’t have the time to be searching the web for the latest stuff. But what if there was a way to ease some of your content burden, and still get awesome results? That’s where the South Florida DJ Association comes in, to make it simple for you. There are so many great ways to learn and sharpen your skills. You can read our blogs, listen to Mixshow podcasts / Radio Station Affiliates,  watch how-to videos on our YouTube channel, and attend seminars, just to name a few.

Why waste your time on an Association? If that’s your approach, then you may be missing out on one of the greatest opportunities for you to bring your game to the next level.

By participating in Live chat forum, Blogs, Meetings, Events, Conferences, Workshops, Jam Sessions, etc… provides you with a  unique learning and Production building opportunities that you just can’t find anywhere else.

The South Florida DJ Association helps you

  • Sharpen the Saw
  • Meet Experts & Influencers Face to Face
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Learn new Tools
  • Break Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • New Tips & Tactics
  • Compare notes with Like-Minded Individual

Join Us:

Together we can ensure that the South Florida DJ Association (SFDJA®), has the support it will need to continue its commitment to promoting our vision in uniting all DJs to improve the DJ community.  Time, energy and creativity are all needed to ensure that our DJ entertainment business remains being an important part of each event for future generations to come.

Whether it’s sharing an Article from the Website, sharing your experience, giving advice, showcasing your talent at our Jam Sessions and increasing your membership commitment by participating in the Group Forum—we invite you to get involved. – See more at:

Membership Benefits

  • A DJ Profile page, that you can give out to your clients. There they can see your Bio, References, Service Areas, Types of Events that you DJ and the Music genres that you play.
  • Participate in the SFDJA Group Forum, Learn, give advice and showcase your talent
  • Network with other local DJs
  • DJ Showcase Participation exposure at DJ Showcases Sessions
  • Announce your events on the fan page
  • Post your Mixes on our Mixcloud channel
  • Access to SFDJA Approved Vendors
  • Personal interaction with new Artists and Producers
  • DJ Gear discounts
  • Music Pool discounts
  • Vendor discounts
  • Radio exposure via Mix Shows
  • SFDJA Certificates
  • SFDJA Logos for your website and business cards

Other Benefits

SAM ASH MUSIC STORES Eligible to partuicipate in Sam Sessions ( DJ Showcases on Stage Live in Sam Ash ) Sam Ash Discounts ( Ermes Sorrondo Manager DJ Dept)
Mix Shows ( ,,, All Hits Radio )
Access to Website / Social Media ( Twitter,Ustream ,You Tube )
You can Contribute articles on DJ related Topics Public Facebook Page ( for your Flyers)
Professional Grade Photography ( useful in your websites and other Social Media)
Network with other DJs ( where you can consult in real time with other professionals about music,equipment, posting of gigs )
Mario Extreme Electronics Equipment repair Discount ( All Major Brands )
Record Pool , Member Remixes ( free for a Limited Time , Latin Music and member Remixes )
Flyers, Facebook Banners Membership Cards (Identifying you as a member to Vendors who will offer you Discounts )
Reference Phone # 786 505 1352 (For personal References when your client requires information)

SFDJA Certificate

A South Florida DJ Association Member is a mobile and Club Dj Entertainer that takes pride in his craft. The individual has earned this approval rating from our Association because of their participation in the group by their contributions and willingness to keep up-to-date in the latest advancements in our field. The member’s desire to excel in our industry has earned him/her a stamp of approval from our organization which currently has over 2000 members in various chapters around the country.

Quality, Responsibility and Professionalism has been emphasized by the Association.

It is with confidence that we can recommend this approved Entertainer for your nightclub or events. When hiring a DJ many factors should be taken into consideration. This approval rating should only be one of them. The Approval Rating is given by a team of DJ professionals with backgrounds in Nightclubs, Radio and Major events. SFDJA reserves the right to rescind the rating at any time if member fails to meet standards. The rating is also bestowed upon businesses and recording artists who have demonstrated support to the DJ community.

DJ Approval Checklist
1. Experience ( years in business)
2. Equipment ( meets today’s Industry Standards)
3. Social Media Presence ( Website, Facebook Page etc)
4. Rates ( Reasonable and Fair meets current industry standards )
5. Presentation ( appropriate dress , Equipment setup based on photos )
6. Refrences ( at least 2 verified recommendations by clients or venues)
7. Good Standing Rating in the South Florida DJ Association ( A Rating based on member’s participation and contributions ) 5 Being Highest
8. Reputation Factor ( based on fellow DJs willingness to recommend individual for an event )


Miami Florida, 786.505.1352

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