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Where’s The Disco?

Quick Review / DJ Alex Gutierrez / SFDJA

Kylie Minogue will release a new album, Disco, in November. I was excited with the title , being a Disco DJ since the 70s , I couldn’t wait to hear it. Instead of violins , dreamy vocals , 120- 124 BPM , 4 on the Floor energy and elements on what most of us consider Disco I got a light ” Radio Ga Ga ” ( Queen ) with Madonna ” Like a Prayer ” vocals coming in at about 107 BPM I Love Kylie but don’t call your album ” Disco” and then release this as your first single. I have hope for the rest of the album.

Do you notice the similarities?

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Founder – Alex Gutierrez Facebook: @djalexgutierrez | Instagram: @djalexgutierrez | Email: djalexgutierrez@yahoo.com

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