The South Florida DJ Association community is the biggest, friendliest and like-minded DJ Members in South Florida, US.
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The South Florida DJ Association was created by veteran Miami Night Club and Radio DJ Alex Gutierrez with the intention of uniting the area’s Night Club and Mobile DJs.

A meeting place for South Florida Djs to exchange ideas, equipment, events and all things Dj Related. Discover new Artist and Promote Music, Dedicated to his friend DJ Mike in the Night Tray.

SFDJA was created for the local DJs in the South Florida area. We make sure that all of our members are top notch individuals, from a talent perspective as well as professional. Your Event is important and we are here to assist you in selecting the right match for you. We network with local DJ’s, producers, and veterans and help each other in our profession.


We want to hear from you. Join our discussion board with any feedback, ideas, comments, questions, or even just to talk about your day. Help us make SFDJA an even better Association!

Let’s face it, continuously staying up with new and fresh DJ / Music News isn’t an easy task. Maybe you don’t have the time to be searching the web for the latest stuff. But what if there was a way to ease some of your content burden, and still get awesome results?

That’s where the South Florida DJ Association comes in, to make it simple for you. There are so many great ways to learn and sharpen your skills. You can read our blogs, listen to Mixshow podcasts / Radio Station Affiliates, watch how-to videos on our YouTube channel, and attend seminars, just to name a few.

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Click here to join our discussion forum with over 2,000 members, who are ready to talk about any feedback, ideas, comments, questions, or even just to talk about you Dj experiences.
Help us make SFDJA an even better Association!

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Alex Gutierrez, Jorge Santana & Leo Perez

2014 South Florida DJ Association SFDJA Team