The SFDJA DJ Certification is an initiative to certify Mobile and Club Dj Entertainers that take pride in their craft. The SFDJA Member DJ has earned this approval rating from our Association because of their participation in the group by their contributions and willingness to keep up-to-date in the latest advancements within our field. The member’s desire to excel in our industry has earned him/her a stamp of approval from our organization which currently has over 2000 members in various chapters around the country.


Quality, Responsibility and Professionalism has been emphasized by the Association.

It is with confidence that we can recommend this approved Entertainer for your establishment or events. When hiring a DJ many factors should be taken into consideration. This approval rating should only be one of them.


The Approval Rating is given by a team of DJ professionals with backgrounds in Nightclubs, Radio and Major events. The rating is also bestowed upon businesses and recording artists who have demonstrated support to the DJ community.

The DJ Members are rated on the following:

Quality of Service





For Beginning DJs

Check out the DJ 101 Page with all the info you will ever need to get you started as a DJ. All the information is provided by experienced DJs from the South Florida DJ Association.

All the information on this Certification page is published in good faith and for general information purpose only. SFDJA will not be liable for any losses and/or damages in connection with the use of any member.

Each of DJs listed as certified have the requirements which in general include their own operations. SFDJA does not guarantee on all the operations of the DJ. Dependency on DJ n regards to functionality is beyond the scope of this Certification.

SFDJA reserves the right to resign the rating at any time if member fails to meet standards.