Andy Rodriguez,

Digital & Mobile Marketing Consultant
P: 305-595-5078
C: 305-785-4524

Twitter: @InSouthFlorida

Thank you for allowing me to become a member of your family. While I’m not a “DJ” I jam to many types of music while I code and build online marketing solutions for my clients. My neighbors may think I’m a DJ as I frequently blast music on weekends in my back yard. Does any of that count?

I will post content that I feel will help the community get ahead, generate more clients and keep your business growing. With over 20 years in online marketing (more on that later) it’s what I do, it’s my passion and I love helping others become successful through technology and online marketing best practices.

I would love to hear from the community what you feel you may need help with, areas of marketing or challenges you may be having in your DJ business.   Your Business Needs A Mobile App, Let Us Build It!

2014 South Florida DJ Association SFDJA Team