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Mainstreet Band

The last thing you expect to hear from a bunch of Cuban-Americans is the pure sound of Classic Rock . The members of South Florida’s ” Mainstreet” Band grew up with these sounds and now interpret them musically and perfectly , may I add. They are a staple of local night clubs and enjoy a huge and diverse following. Their selections range from Lynyrd Skynyrd to the Rolling Stones and every sound and nuance you remember on the original recording is masterfully reproduced in their performances.

Founded in Cuba by Landy Castro and Gaby Machado the band was known originally as ” Sexto Division” ( Sixth Division) and later named by their followers ” Landy y su Guerilla” . In 2010 as a Welcome Home party for the original guitar player Mario Collazo arriving in the United States from Cuba the band reunited and decided to begin playing together again.  Landy set out to find musicians and reformed the band calling it ” Mainstreet” , unfortunately Collazo died a few years later. The current lineup has been together for over 8 years and consists of:

Landy Castro – Percussion

Gaby Machado- Bass

Frank Sanchez- Vocals

Omar Pitaluga- Guitar

Frank Pozo / Bernie Iglesias – Key Boards

Experiencing this band in their Live performances , you will see for yourself why The South Florida DJ Association has recognized them as The Best Rock Band in South Florida.

About The Author

The South Florida DJ Association is an Organization of DJs that have a common interest. Established in 2013 by Alex Gutierrez in Miami Florida with the intention of uniting South Florida Night Club DJs and Mobile DJs. A meeting place for South Florida DJs to exchange ideas, equipment, Events and all things DJ related. Discover new Artist, Promote Music and much more.

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