To inquire about SFDJA membership information, please contact our Founder, Alex Gutierrez.

Together we can ensure that the South Florida DJ Association (SFDJA®), has the support it will need to continue its commitment to promoting our vision in uniting all DJs to improve the DJ community. Time, energy and creativity are all needed to ensure that our DJ entertainment business remains being an important part of each event for future generations to come.

Whether it’s sharing an Article from the Website, sharing your experience, giving advice, showcasing your talent at our Jam Sessions and increasing your membership commitment by participating in the Group Forum—we invite you to get involved.

The SFDJA Certificate display the Certificate Badge in your Promotional materials (Website, Invoices, Business Cards, Social Media, etc..) to add integrity to you business.

Included with the Certificate

  • Membership Card with ID – which you can present to many of our Vendors to receive discounts.
  • SFDJA Phone Number – for personal references when your client requires it

A South Florida DJ Association Certified Member is a mobile and Club Dj Entertainer that takes pride in his craft. The individual has earned this approval rating from our Association because of their participation in the group  by their contributions and willingness to keep up-to-date in the latest advancements in our field. The member’s desire to excel in our industry has earned him/her a stamp of approval from our organization which currently has over 2000 members in various chapters around the country.

Quality, Responsibility and Professionalism has been emphasized by the Association.

It is with confidence that we can recommend this approved Entertainer for your nightclub or events.When hiring a DJ many factors should be taken into consideration. This approval rating should only be one of them.

The Approval Rating is given by a team of DJ professionals with backgrounds in Nightclubs, Radio and Major events. SFDJA reserves the right to rescind the rating at any time if member fails to meet standards. The rating is also bestowed upon businesses and recording artists who have demonstrated support to the DJ community.

Affiliate & Promotion Programs

SFDJA has many affiliations with local businesses in South Florida to bring members discounts and benefits.

Our goal with SFDJA Affiliate & Promotion Programs has been to help DJs, Vendors and Sponsors improve their performance across the industry. Affiliation & Promotion marketing has rapidly evolved in the last few years, and we’ve invested a good amount of time in creating channels for our Djs, vendors & sponsors to benefit from our Affiliation & Promotional programs.

Tools like

  • Product & Event Listing Ads, on our Website and social media sites,
  • Sam Ash Jam Session for exposure
  • Radio Show exposure,
  • Exposed to Artists & Producers
  • Exposed to businesses & prospective customers trough our Promotions Program.

We’re constantly evaluating our programs to ensure that we’re focused on the services that will have the biggest impact for our members and affiliates.
Thank you everyone for your support.

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